Catherine Soukup (Katie)

Concert attire:

White or black dress shirt long or short sleeves but no sleeveless please ladies

Black pants. Ladies if you wear a skirt, please wear black tights/stockings/leggings with the skirt.

Ladies – all black dress is fine.   Please wear black stockings or tights.

Black shoes & socks NO sneakers, flip-flops, or uggs

boys long tie dark color

No perfume/cologne. Just deodorant.

Performing is a special event; dress up and look and feel proud!

Chorale is primarily 11th and 12th graders and meets on “A” day. Students should have previous choir experience, or other ensemble experience such as band or orchestra. Please see Ms. Soukup for approval.

Concert Choir is primarily 9th and 10th graders and meets on “B” day. This choir is open to any student at KHS.

Both choirs perform on the December and May concerts and often other times.

Homeroom choir is a select 16-20 students chosen from the Chorale. This group may have additional performances TBA. Please check the wiki page for more info!!! (click here)  Homeroom choir sings for the Jonathan Beech Memorial Concert – Saturday April 7, 2018.   For more info see my wiki page or

Please use Ms. Soukup’s wiki page (click here) for more info, especially choir homeroom group.