“The course of true love never did run smooth”

On a Midsummer night, four young Athenians (Blake Ciresa, Lydia Duckworth, Alec Salameda, Luke Sandusky) find themselves intertwined in a confusing and hilarious love quadrangle upon entering the forest where Fairy King Oberon (Thomas Linderman) and Queen Titania (Amelie Bram dit Saint Amand) are having a tumultuous, weather changing lover’s quarrel. Oberon dispatches his chief mischief-maker, Puck (Mia Jeffery), to play pranks on unsuspecting fairies and humans, including Nick Bottom (Paulie Mullin), an over-confident actor preparing a performance to honor the upcoming nuptials of Theseus (Marco King) and Hippolyta (Aria DuPont-Andrew).

“Lord, what fools these mortals be!”

Don’t miss Shakespeare’s most beloved, beguiling, and magical comedy live on stage at Kennett High School, Friday December 9th (7pm) and Saturday December 10th (2pm; 7pm).

Tickets are $10 for adults and $7 for students and seniors and can be purchased at the door (cash only). Arrive early for best seat selection. Refreshments will be available in the cafeteria (also cash only).

Additional Cast: Zula Ali , Luca Castellano, Marley Lengel, Clara Morrison, Maria Victoria Reyes, June Sabo, and Todd Taylor
Crew: Lucas Piotrowski, Aaron Shelton, Andrew Falco, Henry Hahn, Elizabeth Basquill, Caitlin Kronenberg, Sam Boub, Sara Myers, Graham Bragaw, Charlie Telow

Director: Chris Skopowski
Tech Director: Michael Anastas
Costumes: Mary Skopowski
Sets and Additional Production Staff: Catherine Skopowski, Frank Skopowski, Kate Skopowski